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prep your website for growth

Prep Your Website and Make it Ready for Growth

Summer is almost officially over, the kiddos are back to school, and we will soon be bombarded with Christmas shopping specials and promotions. All this means a new year is right around the corner (at least in terms of business months). The beginning of a new year also brings lots...
hackproof your site

Hackproof Your WordPress Website: 3 Steps To Make It Happen

Malicious hackers are always looking for ways into your WordPress site by exploiting vulnerabilities. Having your website hacked is a concern for all WordPress users and online business owners. Keep reading to see what you can do to help hackproof your WordPress website and steps you can take if you...
create your website

Beginners Guide To Designing A WordPress Website

Sometimes, the budget doesn't permit you to hire a designer to create your WordPress website, or maybe you want to know what's involved before getting started. Armed with the right information, you can have the know-how to be an asset to your designer or get you on your merry way...
seo plugins

WordPress SEO Plugins – Tools for Optimization

WordPress is already an SEO friendly framework, and you certainly don't need a plugin to rank in the search engines with the creation of good and useful content. But like any tool in the toolbox, an SEO plugin sure will help you to make sure you've hit all the parts...
blog writing

Blog Writing Is Like Walking On Stilts

That dreaded time is here... Time to write the next blog post. Do you feel the same when you know it's time to get about writing your blog articles? As I continue to reevaluate my business and marketing practices, the one thing I keep coming back to is content creation....
user experience

User Experience Should Be Step One of Your Design Process

Let's start with the obvious and something others are not telling you, your website is not about you - it's about your user, and that's why user experience should be top of the planning checklist. Your website is the chance to show off what you're all about, including the solutions...
improving sales page

Improving Your Sales Page, The More You Know

Before we talk about improving your sales page let's talk about the difference between home pages, landing pages, and sales pages. Each has a function and a purpose which are different in small ways. Your homepage has a primary object to inspire visitors to get to know and trust you...
inherited website

Inherited Website: Taking Back Control

It's always a great day when I partner with new clients and make WordPress sites great again. Getting an inherited website usually means that the last partnership did not work with the client. And so to start the relationship right, we need to set expectations, so neither of us feels...
404 pages

Are 404 Errors Really That Bad?

Do you panic when you see a 404 error page on your site? Oh, the dreaded 404 error page that we've all encountered at one point or another. You know that one where you're right in the middle of finding the perfect solution to all the world's problems, and then...
page and posts

WordPress Terms: Pages or Posts, What’s The Difference?

When I began using and designing my websites using WordPress, the first thing I had to nail down was the terminology and how all the moving parts worked together to make a functioning website. For me, pages and posts were an easy concept to grasp, and I believe it will...
update wordpress

Update WordPress, Themes, and Plugins Regularly

Clients often ask what is the next thing they should do once their site is complete and live online. And my answer is always the same - have a maintenance schedule that runs the updates for the core, theme and your plugins. Because updating is designed to do three things:...

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