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Are 404 Errors Really That Bad?

Do you panic when you see a 404 error page on your site? Oh, the dreaded 404 error page that we've all encountered at one point or another. You know that one where you're right in the middle of finding the perfect solution to all the world's problems, and then...
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WordPress Terms: Pages or Posts, What’s The Difference?

When I began using and designing my websites using WordPress, the first thing I had to nail down was the terminology and how all the moving parts worked together to make a functioning website. For me, pages and posts were an easy concept to grasp, and I believe it will...
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Update WordPress, Themes, and Plugins Regularly

Clients often ask what is the next thing they should do once their site is complete and live online. And my answer is always the same - have a maintenance schedule that runs the updates for the core, theme and your plugins. Because updating is designed to do three things:...
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