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How To Share Passwords Safely

There will come a time when you will need to grant access to one of your software account login credentials. When a new client comes to us for help with their website we will need to access one or more of their accounts. There can be many items that we...
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Blog Post Categories and Tags – What To Use and When

Categories and tags are part of the blogging process, and each has different purposes. You need to assign at least one category, but not tags if you don't want to. When you start blogging, you have to decide on a few categories that fit your writings.  Having a guide to...
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What comes first layout or content in website design?

Some people think that design is the most important for creating a new website. But I'm a big believer that content-first is key. Don't get me wrong, it's essential to have a well-designed website that is easy to use. Yet, content is the most essential factor in attracting customers. People...
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Focus On Usability First

What if you knew exactly what to work on when designing or working on your website. Like the ultimate insiders' tips to creating something amazing? We all know that speed and functionality are key to a website that works, but site owners often focus on the numbers or letter grades...
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Why Is There No Traffic To My Website?

Are you concerned that your website isn’t getting as much traffic as you would like and you’re not sure how to fix that? Consistent traffic is one of the reasons that we build a website because if you’re not getting visitors then it’s not doing its job. But instead of...
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Resources to Easily Optimize Your WordPress Site

Speed is definitely a big factor in website performance but a great user experience to a key factor. You want to keep your site running lean and mean. When it's time to optimize your WordPress site there are some apps and plugins that come in handy to make the job easier....
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Website Care, Maintenance, and Growth – What Do I Need?

What if you could have maintenance-free, easy-to-care-for WordPress websites that you did not have to worry about on a day-to-day basis?   We all know there are a lot of people who are offering WordPress maintenance, support, or care but what is really involved in each, and is there a difference?...
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Usability is a Key Piece of Your Website Success

Did you know that search engines value usability as part of their ranking criteria? Websites take a lot of planning to be useful and engaging to the traffic and visitors that come to your website. I can't stress the importance enough for usability factors to be made or break for...
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Page Builders For WordPress

What if you could create a custom looking website without any development or coding experience? We all know website design and creation have changed over the years - website builders and drag and drop editing have made it easier than ever to create a custom-looking website without years of development...
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How To Keep Control of Your Website

Every website has its own unique challenges and pitfalls, and that’s okay. The trick is to identify what you can easily do to keep it up and running. As a website owner, you could lose control of your website, and you may not realize it. When it comes to website...
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Why You Need To Update Your Post Dates When Republishing

Do you have a lot of content for your blog or website that seems a little stale and outdated? Now may be the time to freshen that content up rather than creating a new version of the topic. Often, we forget that the best way to create relevant content is...
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Why Website Hackers Don’t Care About Your Business

You have a WordPress website because it's simple to use and easy to make updates. But did you know that some less than honorable people may be trying to break into your site? While we call them website hackers, they call themselves savvy. Wait...before you break into a complete panic...
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