fighting hackers that don'e care about your business.

Why Website Hackers Don’t Care About Your Business

You have a WordPress website because it’s simple to use and easy to make updates. But did you know some less-than-honorable people may try to break into your site? While we call them website hackers, they call themselves savvy.

Wait…before you break into a complete panic and cold sweat, keep reading to find out what they want.

Some hackers do it for the fun of it or the anonymous notoriety, think Target and the US Government. Others do it because they can. However, the main reason and motivation for most is cold hard cash – money and profits to be made.

Are you shocked about this one?

Most people think hackers of small websites are in it to steal your personal data as they do for the big and beefy sites that contain important data like social and bank information. But they are trying to hack you for your resources – so they can do their thing free of charge.

Plain and simple, they want your resources. Here’s what they are after:

1. Spam

By using your resources, the website hacker can churn out a lot of spam emails – for free and somewhat untraceable. The spam email will come from your server and not their account. Unfortunately, not everyone is savvy enough to spot a spam email or phishing scam.

Spam isn’t always served up in an email. Another way they use your site is to insert links to websites that sell things – think knock-off shoes. The links may also be hidden to move up the search engine rankings.

Some savvy marketers find it easier to buy thousands of hacked websites than to build a genuine product and do the work to promote it.

2. Free Website Hosting

They don’t want your site; they want the computer power of your web server. They want free hosting. Your space can be used to hide a website hacker’s identity since they’re using a server that isn’t linked to them.

With the cost of web hosting rising, hackers are looking to piggyback off your security risks and explorations. It’s nothing personal to them; they want what they want and could care less how much traffic or how big your site is.

3. Ransom and Viruses

Chalene Johnson’s Instagram site was taken over by website hackers a while ago. Why? The hackers wanted her to pay to obtain access back to her space. Unfortunately, they can easily do the same to your website. Think of what you would lose if someone accessed your site and you couldn’t get it back. What would that be worth to you?

If you spent a reasonable amount of time creating content, traffic, and products for your website, then you know the investment you’ve made, not just financially but in time. The hackers understand the importance of this, so they’re willing to bet that you would pay, and pay well, to get this information back into your hands.

A hacked site can also serve viruses to unsuspecting visitors whose computer security is not current. For example, one popular virus records keystrokes so hackers can access your personal information, passwords, and bank accounts.

Keep Your Site Up To Date and Secure

Sadly, keeping your site secure and up-to-date is simple, but many of us don’t make the small investment to do so. As a result, outdated plugins, weak passwords, and stagnant sites are easy prey for website hackers.

Most WordPress hacking occurs through an automated process, and everyone is at risk. Hackers watch for security vulnerabilities and then use a program to try to exploit those weaknesses.

Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking my site is small potatoes, so why would they bother?

By taking the small step of having a good backup and maintenance package, you can prevent most attempts and, better yet, recover from any successful hacking attempt.

Are you investing in your business to keep your sacred space accessible alone?

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