website for Cherry Street Kitchen Trenton NJ.

Cherry Street Kitchen

Cherry Street Kitchen Website

Meet the client

Cherry Street Kitchen is a commercial professional workspace and a co-working cooking space in New Jersey owned by John and Barbara. John and Barbara try to anticipate the needs of those who could benefit from their space while being friendly to the community and environment.

What was needed:

Cherry Street Kitchen needed an easy to update website that had a clean fresh look and still reflected the simplicity of what they offered without compromising the cleanness of their brand. John was familiar with website code and maintenance but needed guidance on the marketing and usability piece. They wanted to be sure that the site was found by those looking for local workspace rental.

Our Solution

WPSS created a simple, clean WordPress website that John could update as they continued to grow their venture. Using a premium theme and drag and drop page builder, Cherry Street Kitchen was able to get the clean look they desired but still be set up for growth and more customization abilities. WPSS also added a Google My Business profile that coordinated with the new website aesthetics to keep a cohesive look while giving extra SEO value.

Final Thoughts

Local brick-and-mortar businesses benefit by having a Google My Business profile in addition to their main website to allow people to easily find their offers, find information on the location and easily access the website from their profile.