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Done-For-You WordPress website design
for your growing creative business.


Get the whole package – custom design, hosting, and unlimited support – for one affordable monthly fee.

Did you know your website is “never” finished? Traditional website models give you a start and an end date to plan, design, and develop to create a completed website at the end of that commitment.

Our FAST approach allows for continued growth, so your message always matches your brand while taking advantage of analytics, feedback, and real-world user experiences to guide you.

Faster Turn-Around. Less Stress and Risk. More Care and Management. 

You need to get back to business, and running a website should not be a task on your plate. We created FAST sites to help you get online with a reliable website quickly without sacrificing quality.

Less stress web
FAST is designed to get you online within four weeks – no drug-out projects.
Showcase your expertise
FAST makes it simple to give your potential customer information to work with you.
Support your need
This isn’t a set it and forget it option; we continue to be there for you throughout your journey. 

When you run a FAST site, you can be assured that your site is responsive, optimized, and managed so you will appear professional, trusted, and put together.

We Get You Online FAST With Our Proven Development Process.

FOUNDATION: getting to know your business
We kick off our partnership with a discovery session so that we understand your business needs, website goals, and what you want to achieve in the future.
ALIGN: design and refine your website plan
We take those goals and start building an optimized, performance-ready website. Our goal is to gather the assets from you to have your website launched in under four weeks.
Support: Launch and optimize
Once your website is in production (tech term for launched), we move to support and management, where we continue to enhance what is working and revamp what is not.
Tweak + Revise: Growing with your business
Each month you’ll get an update on the health of your website, including traffic and audience. And because we provide monthly task support, we work with you to keep the website growing and engaging.

Every FAST website includes

  • Mobile friendly responsive design
  • Fast Managed WordPress hosting
  • $1000+ premium plugin licensing
  • Easy editing and updating
  • Dedicated support
  • Marketing automation and lead capture
  • Analytics tracking and reporting
  • Simple monthly billing

And it’s easy to get started – pick your plan and get online in as little as 30 days. All packages include foundational SEO, mobile-optimized, premium licensed themes, and plugins. 

Pick The Plan That Works For You (And Your Budget)

Perfect for those looking to get started online
$200/month* Requires a setup fee of $750
✓ Professional customized design
✓ Secure website hosting
✓ Mobile optimized
✓ Up To eight static pages
✓ Blog integration
✓ Contact and lead capture forms
✓ Essential SEO setup
✓ Analytics integration
✓ Privacy and terms policies
✓ Website management
Perfect for small businesses in the growth stage
$300/month* Requires a setup fee of $1000
✓ Professional customized design
✓ Secure website hosting
✓ Mobile optimized
✓ Up To twenty static pages
✓ Blog integration
✓ Custom contact form
✓ Lead capture form
✓ E-commerce or e-learning integration
✓ Essential SEO setup
✓ Analytics integration
✓ Privacy and terms policies
✓ Website management

Need more than 20 pages or a custom website?

Do you have a specific requirement, custom integrations, require conditional multi-function forms, or unique goals for your digital marketing solution? Request a proposal to enjoy a website that works for you.

Need More? We have Add-on Packages for additional pages, copywriting, Google My Business profile and email marketing. Ask us during your discovery call.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

New design and better usability

WPSS is a brilliant Word Press website professional. Truthfully, Lee saved my website. First, she listened to me, and she was able to understand what my needs were. They cleaned up my site, and it is now running much faster. Furthermore, they created a set of video lessons for me to learn how to edit my own site successfully.

Redone With The Customer In Mind

Lee was great to work with.  She spent a great amount of time learning exactly what I desired for my website.  Lee and her team continued to make edits and tweaks to the site until I was 100% satisfied with their work.  I am very pleased with my new website.  Thanks, Lee.  You were awesome to work with!
Diane McConaghy

Still have questions?

A website plan is a monthly subscription service that includes design, development, hosting, security, care, and ongoing content updates. Unlike traditional website services, there is no huge upfront fee or huge one-time payment. Your costs are billed month-to-month based on the palace you choose. And because it’s a month-to-month service you don’t need to worry about hosting, backups, security, or additional charges to make the changes you need.
The subscription period requires a 12-month commitment, after which your contract will turn month-to-month. You get peace of mind with the most up-to-date software and care of your website.
Yes, it will! With our website plan, you get the changes you need or desire and never have to worry about buying a “new” website again. For redesign sites, we work with your existing content and make the improvements you need for performance and usability.
We provide the hosting on all of our client packages, and our server locations are based on your site’s complexity and your target market’s location. WPSS uses VPS Cloud Hosting, so you aren’t on some meh shared hosting server that can affect your speed and performance. We will help you maintain your domain registration; however, we firmly feel that you should always have your domain registered with your company business. We will ask for access to your domain since we need that as part of our care services, but we will never ask you to transfer ownership.
Building a complete website the old-school way is not for everyone and can be overwhelming. We utilize the agile approach which is to build a part, tweak it to perfection and add on more. With the website plans, you put to bed the set it and forget method of website design. Plus you have our expertise at your fingertips always.
We make it simple and stress-free by following a tried and true process.

1. Sign up and make your first payment
2. Complete your onboarding and kickoff session.
3. We begin with a starter site and customize it to your brand and message, making revisions as we build page by page.
4. You submit your content (text, images, elements, graphics).
5. We input the content, optimize it, and publish it.

Once your site is “live” or in production as we like to say, you can submit changes and revisions at any time so your website is continuously given love and attention. While you’re running your business, we’re performing updates, and backups, monitoring security, and making sure things are running smoothly – all for the price of your package.
No catch. The old way of building websites worked for building a website but now you need strategy, content, design, development, performance, accessibility, compliance, and more. For those who are just starting out or are micro-business owners, this is the perfect solution. If you’re looking for custom solutions or one-of-a-kind options, this isn’t for you but for most business creatives, monthly plans are the perfect solution.