WordPress Health Check


Help Improve Your Rankings and Usability with a WordPress Website Audit. Our website health check will review the health of your website and check all options meet the standard requirements and provide a report of all times that passed, had some errors or failures.

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The review will including WPSS checking

  • Speed checks to be sure you meet Google and other guidelines for both mobile and desktop.
  • WordPress settings to make sure all the Is are dotted and Ts crossed.
  • Theme and Plugin check to make sure you don’t have any security risks or outdated plugins that can be slowing your site down.
  • Security to make sure your site is safe and you have a backup plan for any emergencies
  • Google Analytics and Searchability so that you can get proper reports, data, and information.
  • Image Optimization and Compression so that your images are not super large or causing slowdowns on your site.
  • Crawl Issues that would stop Google and the bots from crawling your site for the search results.
  • SEO best practices to make sure you have the tools and are utilizing them correctly.
  • Review the front end of your site for accessibility, usability, and content flow.

We review your website and deliver a simple report outlining the results and outstanding issues. Your Fix-It Report will give you an action list of what to do next.


What is required to do the report:

WordPress Admin login credentials to your website, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console (if set up).

When will you get the report?

We will provide the report within 48 business hours of receiving the login details.

What if issues are found, how do we go about updating them?

You will get a report with recommendations so that you can fix the issues. If you prefer for us to do the work for you, we will provide you a cost for fixing the issues and additional options available to you. No additional work will be done without work approval.


Terms of Sale

  • The fee is non-refundable.
  • No additional work will be completed without a client cost approval.
  • Your review will be completed within 2 weeks of credentials being received.
  • Credentials add details for the review must be supplied within 1 calendar month of payment or the fee will be void.
  • If you purchased the Zoom consult you will be given a link to schedule your session once your review is complete.
  • Zoom calls must be scheduled within 30 calendar days or the fee will be voided.

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