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Are You Sick of Your Website Letting You Down?

Tired of Website Management Headaches?

Your website is the heart of your marketing. Updates that break your site, security threats that keep you up at night, and slow loading times that turn visitors away… these problems won’t fix themselves.

  • Packages for all budgets
  • Coverage to keep your site in top shape
  • Peace of mind for your business.
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Say Goodbye To Lost Sales & Frustrated Visitors; Say Hello To Effortless Growth

Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing — but only when it works flawlessly. We ensure it does, so you can *focus on scaling your business,* not troubleshooting tech.

Afraid to run the Software updates?

Whether you are unsure when you need to update your website or manage all the niggly things, we won’t leave you to your devices.

Slow Site driving visitors away?

No one wants slow performance and visitor frustration. We monitor performance and security, so you don’t have to.

Worried about hackers and spam?

Are you worried about your website’s spam messages, broken links, and vulnerabilities? Don’t let your website credibility expose you to threats.

Effortless Results: Optimized For Success…

Forget endless tech headaches and the fear of something going wrong when you least expect it. Our proactive approach ensures your website always performs at its best, leaving you free to focus on what you do best: serving your clients and scaling your impact.

Think of us as the silent partner who keeps your most valuable business asset running smoothly — so you can achieve your biggest goals. Our retainer and care plans are the safety net your business needs.

You get peace of mind and priority care, and we get to do what we do best — keep your website safe and ready for visitor action.

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WordPress Care Management

Your website should be an asset, not a headache.

Don’t let outdated plugins, security vulnerabilities, and slow loading times hold back your business. Our WordPress care plans keep your website running smoothly and securely so you can focus on converting leads and growing your sales. We handle the tech headaches; you focus on what matters most.

We don’t just fix problems; we supercharge your success.

  • Peace of Mind: Proactive updates and security shield you from costly downtime and embarrassing hacks.
  • Effortless Growth: A consistently optimized site fuels higher conversions and smoother customer journeys.
  • Time Freedom: We handle the tech, so you reclaim precious hours to focus on what matters most.
  • Expert Partnership: Consider us your WordPress guardian angels — always on watch, ready to help.

This package is for you if:

  • You’d rather focus on your business than endless WordPress updates. You want to free up time and energy for what you do best.
  • You value a reliable website that performs well and stays secure. You understand a well-maintained website is essential to building trust.
  • You’re open to expert recommendations. You welcome proactive advice on improving your website’s speed, security, and user experience.
  • You understand the value of investing in your online presence. You recognize that your website is a vital business asset.

This package is NOT for you if:

  • You enjoy the DIY approach and have extensive WordPress knowledge. You prefer complete control over every aspect of your website.
  • You have a severely limited budget and no room for website care. Your current hosting and resources are restrictive.
  • You have a highly customized, complex website build. Your site’s unique codebase requires specialized development support.
  • You’re resistant to changes or suggestions and are not seeking a partner to optimize your website for growth.

Do you need something fixed now?

Looking For Ad-Hoc Support

We also provide on-demand Website Care Services with a fixed cost per task.

Lee Drozak, founder at WP Site Success waiting to help you with your website needs.

About Our Team

At WP Site Success, we speak plain English – no technical jargon allowed. We make complicated web concepts easy to grasp with straightforward tutorials and explanations.

You don’t need to be intimidated by the internet anymore. We’ve got your back online and will help you master the digital space. With our comprehensive services, you can take charge of your online success.

Want your website to be the superstar of your marketing? We can make that happen. Our unique approach unlocks your site’s full potential with the tools, resources, and support to transform it into a marketing powerhouse.


Everything is taken care of without any nagging from us.

They handle the details, so I have one less thing on my plate, freeing up my time to continue creating things for my clients. They’re true partners, and I know my website is in good hands. No more logging in and seeing all the update notifications.

Sarah Lane
Coach and Consultant

Have a Question?

No worries, we still have your back. Although our plans are designed by sites we built, many clients seek long-term partners whose skills extend beyond the design phase. Even if you are a DIYer who started with a simple site, we can help.

Our first step is to do a “health review” to become familiar with how your website was built and to identify potential issues that can happen. The evaluation gives is a baseline of where you are now and whether we are the best person to help you with your website.

We’ll give you a list of issues we suggest for website improvement to determine the best course of action. If you continue, we will onboard you and prioritize the list ASAP.

If not, no worries; you have a list of items and a place to start.

Peace of Mind

This plan is intended to cover regular maintenance and security for a website with minimal content changes or functionality integrations. We set you up for success by ensuring backups are in place and monitoring performance, security, and uptime.


This plan is designed to cover the maintenance and security of websites that are updated more frequently and have added functionality. We’ll set up more security and monitoring while giving you added support time to take some of the recurring tasks off your plate.

Growth Ready

This plan is intended to cover websites that are evolving and growing, which includes more content changes, additional or custom integrations, and needing to be updated more frequently. We’ll ensure more frequent backups are in place and provide tools for site speed and image optimization. We also provide quarterly audits and consultation to keep your website thriving..

Ad-Hoc Care

This service is intended for those who need regular development help but have a team in place to handle the day-to-day interactions. Our team will help you by dedicating time to your site-specific needs.

Yes, we do. Multiple sites will be giving an additional site discount, and high-functionality sites will require a custom solution, which is a plan created specifically for your individual needs.

We’ll Make it Right! If an update disrupts your site, we’ll troubleshoot and revert to a stable version if necessary. However, if third-party actions or abandoned plugins cause the issue, we’ll need specifics to resolve it. In some cases, removing or replacing outdated software is the best course for restoring stability.

Seamless & Stress-Free: Our Process in a Nutshell

  1. Enroll and pay your deposit/first payment.
  2. Finish your quick onboarding session.
  3. Share your website (and hosting) details, and we’re on it.

Expect 24-48 hours for onboarding and site migration to our hosting, but rest easy—your site’s protection starts immediately. Submit your concerns via dedicated email or our easy-to-use on-site app. We make getting help a breeze.

No Strings Attached. We manage WordPress sites so you can focus on your clients and business growth—or even take a tech break. We stay updated on best practices and software shifts to offer unparalleled support. That’s why our clients, some since their business inception, stick around. We’re not just a service; we’re your transparent, long-term partner.

We include Premium Hosting in our care packages. Our server locations are tailored to your site’s needs and target audience. Using VPS Cloud Hosting, we ensure optimal speed and performance—no mediocre shared servers here. Using Cloudflare CDN, we add extra protection and Mailersend to ensure your transactional emails (notifications) never get undelivered.

While we assist with domain maintenance, ownership stays firmly in your hands. We’ll request domain access for our care services but never ask you to transfer ownership.

The best practice now is to have your email hosted outside of your website. We recommend using an email solution like Google Workspace. Your email should be the same URL as your website, and if a service like Workspace is not in the budget, we have other solutions beyond a free Gmail or Yahoo account.

We set up a transactional email service to send your site-specific emails like notifications, password resets, and other transactional messages from your website.

Care plan client: We aim to focus our care plans on everyday content updates, light theme customization, and maintaining your current WordPress version with minor patches. This allows us to keep our services affordable and sustainable.

Small fix items include image changes, content changes, form updates, or any task that takes less than 10 minutes to fix.

Change items include non-custom development items like scheduling blog posts, new page setup, content changes, installation of plugins, and implementation items like new functionality.

Any items that fall out of scope: We will notify you of your options or costs before any items not covered under your agreement are completed. When in doubt, ask us for clarification.

Adhoc and other services: We will outline a scope of work so that there are no surprises when you begin work on your website. Remember that care and maintenance clients are prioritized in the service queue.