Wordpress maintenance

Maintain your website. Stress-free.

Get more than quick fixes with our expert WordPress support. Your site is the digital cornerstone of your purpose-driven mission. Rest easy knowing we’ve for you covered, and free yourself to focus on your clients and community.

Secure Backups

Your data is important, so we store your daily (or more frequent for plus clients) backups offsite to keep it secure. Our one-click restore will quickly bring your site back online.

Optimized Services

Speed and performance keep you one step ahead of the others. We monitor your site’s performance and uptime to make sure you’re running as fast and smoothly as possible.

Hosting that Deliver

You need to be visible 24/7 and flexible for incoming traffic. We host our care clients on speedy VPS servers, offering 99.7% uptime and round-the-clock monitoring.

Hack Insurance

Don’t let hackers ruin your business. We invest in top-notch tools and security measures to protect your website from threats and shady characters.

Personal Touch VIP Support

Web Care customers enjoy discounted rates on consulting and development projects, making enhancing and growing your online presence cost-effective.

Care Client Perks

We offer added benefits like dependable SMTP services for timely client notifications, premium plugin licenses, website analytics, and more to empower your business.

How it works…


Select the plan option that best fits your needs. We’ll start with a thorough audit to establish a foundation for your website support.


Submit requests for changes or updates. In addition to regular management, we can handle any design and development needs.


Leave the tech headaches to us, freeing you to excel in what you do best: nurturing your business and clients.

Help When You Need It. Guaranteed.

Essentials Care


Tailored for small businesses without e-commerce or advanced features, making them a perfect fit for brochures and informational sites.

Quarterly or annual pricing is available.

Essentials Plus


Designed for small businesses with e-commerce or membership functionalities, ensuring seamless performance and secure transactions.

Quarterly or annual pricing is available.

Our client results and experiences

She listened to me, and she was able to understand what my needs were.  She helped me create the kind of unique website I wanted. 
Gail Rowley
An uncanny ability to see what business owners are blind to in their marketing materials. She saw problems I had missed completely.
Dave Baxter
When we got to where we couldn’t keep up, Lee jumped in with a plan and got right to work. Now we don’t have to worry about our website.
Dianne Gellic

Got More Questions About Our Website Management Plans?

Check out our FAQs, and if you still have queries, feel free to reach out!

We’ll Make it Right!

If an update disrupts your site, we’ll troubleshoot and revert to a stable version if necessary. However, if third-party actions or abandoned plugins cause the issue, we’ll need specifics to resolve it.

In some cases, the removal or replacement of outdated software is the best course for restoring stability.

Seamless & Stress-Free: Our Process in a Nutshell

  1. Enroll and complete your first payment.
  2. Finish your quick onboarding session.
  3. Share your website (and hosting) details, and we’re on it.

Expect 24-48 hours for onboarding and site migration to our hosting, but rest easy—your site’s protection starts immediately.

Submit your concerns via dedicated email or our easy-to-use on-site app. We make getting help a breeze.

No Strings Attached. We manage WordPress so you can focus on your clients and business growth—or even take a tech break.

We stay updated on best practices and software shifts to offer unparalleled support. That’s why our clients, some since their business inception, stick around.

We’re not just a service; we’re your transparent, long-term partner.

We Include Premium Hosting in All Care Packages. Our server locations are tailored to your site’s needs and target audience. Using VPS Cloud Hosting, we ensure optimal speed and performance—no mediocre shared servers here.

While we assist with domain maintenance, ownership stays firmly in your hands. We’ll request domain access for our care services but never ask you to transfer ownership.

  • WordPress updates
  • Plugin updates [1]
  • Theme updates [1]
  • Malware & virus scans
  • Speed & performance optimization[2]
  • Secure data backups to the cloud
  • Downtime detection
  • Hacking insurance & malware removal
  • Termagaddon Policy Generator [3]
  • Access to premium plugin usages like Gravity Forms, SEOPress Pro, LearnDash, and more
  • Discount on development on “not included” items

[1] Premium Plugins & Themes: Updates require an active subscription. If expired, you’ll need to renew for us to proceed with updates. While we provide access to a range of premium plugins, not all license costs are covered by our plan.

[2] We strive for your site to load visually in 2 seconds or less. If roadblocks like bloated code or plugins interfere, we recommend the necessary changes or hosting upgrades.

[3] While we offer Termagaddon software access, we’re not liable for the legal adequacy of your terms. Consult an attorney for legal compliance.

  • Creative design
    (page layouts, mockups, photo editing, etc.)
  • Creation of new content
    (pages, posts, portfolios, etc.)
  • Custom development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Advertising integration
  • Live chat and “Messenger” integration
  • Email support
  • Migration to new website hosting
  • Autoresponder and e-mail list service integration
  • Social Media post creation, scheduling, or support.

Most features are available separately or as add-ons but aren’t part of our standard Website Maintenance Plans. Reach out for tailored development solutions.